The Alt Horde

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a horde of alts

Form: Guild
Guild leader:   ⁇
Languages:   ⁇
Members:   ⁇
Policy: N Normal guild
Faction:   ⁇
Civilization:   ⁇
Religion:   ⁇
PvP:   ⁇
Role-play:   ⁇
Re-established: ⏰ 2013-01-28, 03:43:37
Located:   ⁇
Activities: 0 activities
Last activity: Never
Last API sync: 2021-06-20, 02:07:07
Updated: Never
Author: -
The Alt Horde leader is currently unknown. The Alt Horde guild currently controls no Outposts therefore produces no special materials nor harvests any flowers.