Spiritus Artificis

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Formed from the unification of two ancient guilds, Atys Ghosts and Aeden Artisans. A brotherhood of warriors and crafters who enjoy each other's company and have fun!

Form: Guild
Guild leader: ✩ Hechicera
Languages: en English
Members: ⛹ 12 persons
    Any homin or homina
Policy: N Normal guild
Faction: ⚯ Karavan
Civilization: ⚑ Tryker
Religion: ⚯ Laws of Jena
PvP: ❓ Optional
Role-play: ❓ Optional
Re-established: ⏰ 2012-01-22, 08:03:18
Located: Fa Fairhaven, Liberty Lake
Controlled Outposts: ⚐ 1 outpost
Activities: 100 activities
Last activity: 2021-05-13, 23:11:39
Last API sync: 2021-05-15, 10:07:05
Updated: 2020-08-06, 20:19:52
Author: Hechicera
Spiritus Artificis is currently lead by noble Hechicera. The guild has 5 officials on position of High Officer ‒ Beeficus, Drekai, Goldcrest, Ozelott, Zeezee and 1 official on position of Officer ‒ Kotai. It is known that guilds of Aeden Artisans, Amazing Crest Family, AtysGhosts, Gettin Diggy With It, Justice Of Desire, PEACEKEEPERS, Rebellen der See, Silversides, Spiritus Artificus, Spiritus Artificus Electio, Verwesende Cutes LG are under their control. Spiritus Artificis currently holds one outpost and produces Modified Armilo Lichen quality 200 at Graveyard Gate Research Center in Enchanted Isle.
✩ High Officer Beeficus, Drekai, Goldcrest, Ozelott, Zeezee
✩ Officer Kotai