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This application allows you to generate letter images with specified background and font for use in role-play. It is based on avatar characteristics and using data managed by Bag App, Fame Tracker and Level Tracker.

This application is not meant as replacement for Izam nor other homin communication. It is a tool that allows everyone to create a custom letter image to use in role-play. The idea was to have a tool where you can put a text, set parameters and get a forum / Izam code you can use.

Other aspect of the application is that your options are based on your character data. Available letter medium/font/colour options are based on achieved skill levels or currently owned items.



Drafts section is where a letter composing starts. You can create new letters here by creating new draft.

Each draft has various settings you can set to customize final letter. First of all you need to specify a draft name and the future letter recipient.

Another very important setting is a letter Medium. You have to select one of available options which will affect following visual options. Every time you change a medium, the draft visual will be set to medium default.

The last of draft mandatory options is the textual Content. Every draft must have at least one language version of the Role-play text or you will not be able to adjust the visual look nor compose the final letter.
Once you have set all basic draft options, you can use adjustment tools to customize draft look. All adjustment options are saved once you change them with the button. You can switch between all available language versions so see how new parameters will affect their look.

Once you are happy with the final look, you can send (publish) your new letter. This operation is not reversible so review carefully the letter visual and its recipient, remember to adjust draft name into new letter name (subject). Once you finish your draft this way, it will be transformed into the final letter. It will be available to read for its recipients since that moment and you will see it in Sent section of the Letter App. You will be redirected to the letter export afterwards.



This section contains list of all your previously finished letters. You can see details about its parameters, you can display all language version and also open the letter export into forum/Izam code.

You are not allowed to delete old letters and all will remain in your outbox until the recipient will drop it. There is no way how to delete public letters without any recipient.



This function will build a forum/Izam code that is ready to be inserted into new forum post or message. It includes the final letter version, its content as plain text and also OOC information if there are any.

In case the letters has a specific recipient, you can also use automatic Izam sending at bottom of the section. Please note that this will actually redirect you into your Izam application and you need to be authenticated to the Ryzom AppZone already, otherwise an error will occur.



Here you can find all letter that were finished and you are the recipient. You can view all available language versions or delete the letter from your inbox.

Public archive


This section is similar to your inbox. The only difference is that it contains all public letters. You can view all available language versions.



This is a list of all items you can use to write on. The list is dynamic and depends on your skill or occupation levels that allows you to obtain more suitable materials. Adopt new occupation and work on your current levels to enable new.



This is a list of all your calligraphy knowledge you have gained over the time. The list is dynamic and depends on your occupation levels. Improve them or adopt new to discover additional styles of writing.



This is a list of all available methods of written information recording and currently available colours. The list is dynamic and depends on which items are available in your bag or in your apartment inventory.



It might be hard for you to guess which skills and items are involved in processes of this application. Look at following lists that will give you tips which skills to improve or which items to obtain to unlock more application components. Best resources require higher skill or occupation level. In case of Forage and Crafting highest level required is 125. All required items must be placed either in your bag or in your apartment. Requirements that you are currently fulfilling (at least partially) are marked with yellow colour.