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Lang App is a tool to manage translations. It was originally created to maintain translation of (some) applications in the Ryzom App Zone. Some time ago Osquallo did share the original Blablatys database of Atys languages and this application now also provides access to its copy.



This script displays overview of all strings in the database, divided into two separate tables. Each table is a list of modules where strings are sorted in by affiliation. First table consists of all modules used by applications. The second one is dedicated to the Blablatys database.

Language columns displayed in both tables depend on your ☑ Language filter settings. You can display recent translations by clicking the language name in table head. Beta testers can click the Module name to start development version of corresponding application. Strings column displays total number of module strings and item class icons are used to idicate translation priority. Combination of module name and language gives you information about how mane strings in specific module is translated / partially translated / not translated. Click to browse all module strings in selected language.

Please read Color codes to understand used color codes and priority symbols.



Dictionary section is used for main public access to Blablatys database of Atys languages. Only strings with translation into your (preferred) language and translation into specific Atys language as well are included, in selected categories. However you can browse all categories together including hidden ones using the summary link on bottom of the table. The only excluded category is "Strings to remove". Most of these data is based on original Blablatys database.

Atys Languages
Atys Languages subsection gives you access to all unsorted strings in the database in any state of translation. That means it includes also not finished translations as well as missing ones. It is simply access to all existing strings and translations for selected language.



Blablator is a dummy brute-force translator between real languages and Atys ones. It is based on fragments of Blablatys database and the amount of translations available is low. See Dictionary for browse what is this tool based up on.

Write a text string you wish to translate into the left text field and select its language. Then select target language for translation and by clicking on the button in between of text fields you perform look-up for known translations. The result is displayed in the right text field.

The string translation Analysis displays, using green color, which parts of your text were were found in the database. By red are highlighted parts that were not translated.

The Blablator also has an API to provide translations. To learn more please read the API help directly provided by the API script.

Blabla game


Blabla game is a little game based on Blablatys database of words. The principle is simple, you answer series of questions and choose right translation of a given term. You can play translating from your language into selected Atys language and vice versa. Important for your rating is number of correct answers as well as your time and game difficulty.

I IMPORTANT NOTE! In case it is not possible to build game with your preferred options, try to change your interface language to English or French in profile settings.

You need to be authenticated to play a game. Before you start, you need to generate series of questions based on available options. The game gives you some scores at the end, however the main goal is not to be best, but to learn words.



Use this form to search all strings in database. Strings with green background are in use, strings with yellow background are fuzzy and need some more work. Missing translations have red backgrond. You must search for at least 3 characters long string. Searching is not case sensitive.