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Includes all the Homins whose ambition is to conquer Atys by rebelling against the domination of the Powers and Nations. The Marauder Faction was born from the clans of the Homins abandoned in the Old Lands during the First Great Swarm. This society, ruled by the survival of the fittest, is governed by Combativeness, Conquest and Survival. Over time, the Marauders have developed their own language: Marund. Marauders do not own any territory in the New Lands; hence, they have erected an encampment in a region claimed both by the Fyros and the Matis. Any homin willing to enter within the Marauder faction must complete a rite of allegiance and swear to answer the calls of Melkiar, the Black Varinx, war leader of the Marauder Clans. In exchange, they benefit from specific services for resurrection and teleportation all around Atys and the warriors are offered unique rewards. Marauders regularly try to conquer outposts through battles, with the aim of exploiting their valued resources.

Cult: ⚔ Marauder
Known homins: ☺ 54 persons
Known guilds: ⛉ 33 Guild Halls
Activity: ⚑ 12 locations
Races: ⚑ Fyros
⚑ Matis
⚑ Tryker
⚑ Zoraï

Default fame


This table shows default fame to main Atys races.

Fyros: ♦ -20
Matis: ♣ -20
Tryker: ⚚ -20
Zoraï: ✫ -20

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Fame limits


This is the table of fame limits by allegiance - minimal and maximal. Minimal possible fame for tribes is same in all cases, but minimum to High Powers and Civilizations tells you when fame might cause faction services restrictions or loss of your allegiance. While Trytonists are mostly secret society and their members are hiding across all organizations around the planet, please use the column that corresponds to your official allegiance.

Allegiance Kami Karavan Marauder Neutral Ranger       Allegiance Kami Karavan Marauder Neutral Ranger
Neutral -100 -100 +50 -50 -50       Neutral -35 -35 +100 +100 -42
Fyros -100 -100 - -100 -       Fyros -35 -35 - -35 -
Matis -100 -100 - -100 -       Matis -35 -35 - -35 -
Tryker -100 -100 - -100 -       Tryker -35 -35 - -35 -
Zoraï -100 -100 - -100 -       Zoraï -35 -35 - -35 -
Minimal fame limits       Maximal fame limits