Kitin's Lair

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The Kitins' Lair is accessible only through Almati Wood, which in turn can only be reached by being teleported from a Karavan Temple or a Kami Sanctuary, or by using one of the special pacts available to some occupations. While the Lair certainly has some of the most meanest kitin around and will be a quick death to any inexperienced player, it is not nearly an impossible death-trap. The entrance even has several ranger guards that will assist you if you're under attack nearby and who can handle pretty much anything down there. And the rest of the Lair, while definitely dangerous, is not particularly more dangerous than the meanest corners of Grove of Confusion or Lagoons of Loria.

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Known homins

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Name Allegiance Title Located Required rite Karavan fame Kami fame Fyros fame Matis fame Tryker fame Zorai fame Tribe fame
☒ Ana Ryon ☖ Neutral ⚜ Observer ⏧ Entrance to Kitin's Lair   - - - - - - - -
☒ Lano Fergoto ⊕ Ranger ⚜ Intendant ⏧ Entrance to Kitin's Lair   - - - - - - - -
☒ Xan Mi Chong ⊕ Ranger ⚜ Coordinator ⏧ Entrance to Kitin's Lair   - - - - - - - -
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