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Situated on the continent of Aeden Aqueous to the north of Fairhaven, Dew Drops was the second region of Liberty Lake Isle to be explored and secured by the Trykers from the few dangerous kitins that began to pullulate there. It was the great sage, Rigan Mac Darrell, who named the isle after the water crystals that twinkle in the morning light as a reminder of the importance of water. According to folklore these dew drops are tears that fall from the stars to remind hominkind of the fragility of life on Atys. The air is particularly limpid here with a soft breeze picking up just enough to polish the stars in the night sky.

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Known homins

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Name Allegiance Title Located Required rite Karavan fame Kami fame Fyros fame Matis fame Tryker fame Zorai fame Tribe fame
☒ Ba'Arppy Breggan ⚚ Tryker ⚜ Hunter ⏧ Dew Drops Karavan Altar   - - - - - 0 or higher - -
☒ Dew Drops Kami Welcomer ⚵ Kami ⚜ Welcomer ⏧ Dew Drops Kami Altar   - - - - - - - -
☒ Dew Drops Karavan Welcomer ⚯ Karavan ⚜ Welcomer ⏧ Dew Drops Karavan Altar   - - - - - - - -
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