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fameapp © 2019-10-13 Phaedrea's Tears

Fame tracker is a tool that helps you track changes in your fame and provides additional information related to your fame.

This application and its icons are licenced under terms of GNU General Public License, version 2. Application icons has been taken from GNOME 2.18 default icon set. Supported language icons have been taken from Ryzom forum. Other language icons have been made out of libre images and / or re-created. Ryzom API library (RyzomAPI Lite) is licenced under terms of GNU Lesser General Public License, version 3 and also includes „© 2013 Winch Gate Property Limited” note.

This tool exists to help you playing Ryzom. You should understand that no tool is perfect and this release might contain bugs. So it is obvious that YOU USE THIS TOOL ON YOUR OWN RISK. Anyway, feel free to report any difficulties you experience.

Privacy policy


If no any further specification, all cached API data or any other data provided by users themselves will be used to make your game play experience better and the data owner remains untouched. You can force to remove all cached data in your account settings. If you are member of a guild, being authenticated while using this tool (or even having this application installed) makes your presence to be noted into your guild activity log (once per hour). That helps to see if a guild is any active. Any given Ryzom API key will be used only for declared operations, see this tool details below. Anyhow, all data might be used to debug and fix this application.

Personal and guild API keys

 Ryzom API wiki

Some nice features can be done based on data available using an API key. Those starting with letter "c" are personal, those starting with "g" belong to a guild. Required modules differ between applications. Modules required by this application are listed below, including reason. With green color are marked required modules that are part of your key, by red color are marked required modules that are missing in your key. Yellow color indicates optional modules.

C Character

P Progress

Last operations

Log history

This is a list of last operations performed by you.

Operations log: 2020-07-09, 22:54:39

✘ Error #0 Guild Hall: Unable to update item cache!



Localization of this application was possible thanks to following homins who contributed to one or more modules.

Localization to German - 65.73 % translated

Localization to English - 100 % translated

Localization to Spanish - 9.362 % translated

Localization to French - 71.746 % translated

Knowledge base


To understand all aspects of life on Atys is complex and long-term task and to create this application would not be possible without help of many experienced homins. It is not possible to name them all but there are some knowledge sources you might be interested in:

Ballistic Mystix Bunny Tools Kipee Craft Ryzom Forge Ryzom Armory Ryzom Wiki