⚠ Info: This is the development version of the application. You may damage or lost your data and/or some of features might be disabled or broken. Please use stable version.

DeepL exceptions list export


Use this form to setup parameters and export language database table into external file. Please note that you will be unable to download the file while using this application in-game.



Select source and target language.

Source language:
Destination language:



Choose categories you wish to include in the export.

 T Terms from Atys languages
 S Specific Atys terms
 G Gaming specific terms
 H Homins, jobs and titles
 A Atys location names
 A Animal and plant names
 O Outposts
 F Factions, nations, tribes, bandits
 O Other troublesome terms
 S Special Atys locations
 A Atys R2 locations

Export options


Set options that will affect the format of exported data.

File format:
 Include fuzzy strings, translations that might not be correct/completed
 Simulate only and return permanent link URL